Konkarn Wattanavrangkul, Tourism Minister of Thailand, speaks exclusively to Travel And Tour World at WTM 2016. Read the full interview here:-

Travel And Tour World: Can you give us some information about how things are going to progress in Thailand for the next 12 months?

Konkarn Wattanavrangkul: First of all I would like to give the information to the friends of Thailand around the world, that even though our beloved King has passed away, he will always be in our heart, but life goes on in our country. We have a mourning period of 1 year. But life goes on in Thailand. For example the mourning period of the local Thai will only last for 30 days and after that they are not required to wear the mourning attire. Only the Government officers are required to wear black. But tourists are exempted from this all. Although many embassies might recommend them to share the spirit with the Thai people and wear black or respectable attire, but this is not required at all. Nevertheless, I would like to give some information about what it means by life goes on. After November 14 when the mourning period ends, you can wear any attire that you like in Bangkok. Many events will be going on throughout the country. Then we have Christmas and New Year’s Eve coming up in December. Next year we have the Chinese New Year. Part from these we have a whole of events coming up next year. Wine is still being served throughout the country.

Travel And Tour World: Tell us something about the street food of Thailand.

Konkarn Wattanavrangkul: Food is big in Thailand. Thais love to eat, starting from Thai to other international food. We will continue to host Asia’s 50 best in Bangkok like last year. We will have more and more Gastronomy tourism and if you like street food and want to eat like a local then we have tourist package. We also have special Tuktuk packages, where tourists can hop into a tuktuk and explore all the local food destinations. This is also included in the boat rides as well. You can get on a boat ride and explore the farm alongside the canals and pick vegetables from there. There are a lot of creative gastronomy tourism in Thailand. There is also a lot of opportunities for young generation to start up business.